This is probably not the site to learn what CBD (cannabidiol) is.

However, here’s the most basic of the basic: CBD is in cannabis, just like THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). THC is the chemical compound that is still federally illegal, and makes people feel high. CBD is a chemical compound that does not make people feel high, nor is it illegal.

Almost all CBD available today does not come in flower form. It is stripped from the plant in numerous ways and then available in a pill, a tincture, a salve, or in some other delivery system.

I am not a fan of smoking, but these pre-rolls offer a way to get a quick dose of CBD, and not miss anything else from the plant. Many other products offer only CBD, and may have removed EVERY other compound from the cannabis plant. The entourage effect is important to many, and these cones ensure you are getting everything from the plant.